~ December 2019 ~

NEWS - We had a lovely blues night at the Royal Room in November. A young woman whom I did not know played a couple of convincing boogie woogie numbers, the owner Wayne Horvitz played some subtle blues. Alex Guilbert showed his skill on some obscurities and I let go with a mix of Art Hodes, Jimmy Yancey and Joe Sullivan. I was followed by Paul Moore, who played blues with a passion. I always feel that deep and convincing blues playing is at the heart of everything else. And you don't always have to be playing a blues to make blues be part of the rest of your music. That is where my jazz always starts.

In December I will head north to Bellingham to play with Gerry Green in a strong New Orleans style, then play the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society with Dave Loomis and an authentic version of the music of Lu Watters. The two bands are quite different but both real and authentic efforts. That is what matters.

At this point we are three months away from the pitchers and catchers heading to Arizona for Spring training. And I will be born again.

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