~January 2022~

NEWS - Hello. I am writing this on Wednesday, January 29, and though I have news and dates, I have a tentative feeling about almost everything, even though there are some definite plans out in the world. The covid infections are accelerating. I have also been snowed in for the last four days. Lake Forest Park gets more snow than most places around here, I have a long driveway down to the road, and with temperatures floating between 18 and 23 all day and all night the snow and thick ice is not going anywhere. I had a new gig for tonight that got canceled because of Covid. I also gained a New Year's Eve job recently that is in danger of being canceled because of extreme weather and driving conditions. As of this minute, it is still on. And the future is hard to predict. It might get better or worse, but I will list what is definite and we will see what happens as we plunge into the future.

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