~May 2021~

NEWS - For the last several months I have been anticipating a piano concert at Kenyon Hall, just about my favorite place to play. Sadly, this will not happen. Lou Magor, the wonderful guy who runs it died unexpectedly a week or so ago. This was a shock to many Seattle musicians and a big personal loss. He ran Kenyon Hall with a great sense of joy, he understood, respected and appreciated the musicians who played for him and he had a loyal subscription crowd that always showed up for his creative mix of entertainment nights. We Will miss him.

One night when Jacob Zimmerman, Matt Weiner and I played there, Matt recorded part of the evening through his phone and it turned out quite well. Our first song was After Awhile and Lou can be heard and slightly seen giving us an enthusiastic introduction. On YouTbe at After Awhile. See full playlist at PLAY ALL: Ray Skjelbred Trio - Kenyon Hall April 20, 2019

Nothing else on the horizon, but I think more will come soon. But we need a higher vaccination rate for that to happen. Soon I hope.

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