~ February 2019 ~

I look forward to the Fresno Mardi Gras Festival the second weekend in February. A big part of all such events is the opportunity to see old friends.

Rae Ann Berry is the most prolific youtube producer. You can search through her work and find almost anything you want. She has been very generous in recording my efforts. Michael Steinman is another person who gives great support to musicians through his many youtubes. I am glad to say that I have been recorded by him as well. Multiple camera efforts with editing to make a genuine finished film is something much more complicated. My film on Chicago style piano was very well done with three cameras. And now there is a new youtube presentation from KNKX radio station in Seattle, taken during a live broadcast recently where I played as part of Jacob Zimmerman and his Pals, 'Song of the Islands'. The camera work and editing are really excellent. You can find it by looking up Jacob Zimmerman KNKX.

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