~December 2021~

NEWS - November has been a busy time of emotional ups and downs. Two of my good friends have died. First, Mike Walbridge. I met Mike years ago when he was playing tuba with the Turk Murphy band. He had been a member of the Salty Dogs for many years. I have also played with him for many years with the Bob Schulz band. Mike was from Chicago but a few years ago when he was playing in Seattle he stayed with me for weeks as he recovered from a combination of heart trouble and a broken ankle he suffered at a job we were playing. Mike was a gentle soul and an agreeable musical partner. Also, my good friend Dave Holo died very suddenly right at the end of November. His death really stunned our local jazz community. Dave and I have played music together for a long time and were scheduled to do more soon. He seemed in good health, suddenly had pain that would not go away and died very quickly from a fast moving cancer. Dave was a main part of Seattle musical life, a kind and generous man and he will be sorely missed.

I learned of Dave's death the same night I was feeling high and happy about my trio's performance at the Royal Room. After a long time away from there, I was worried that no one would show up, but the place was packed and enthusiastic. And the music was inspired. It was a great blend between performers and audience. My virtual concert at Kenyon Hall was also satisfying and I look forward to playing there again. I have one new job in December with Jonathan Doyle. That should be fun. And my Yeti Chasers band will play for the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society. That would have been another job with Dave Holo.

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