~ May 2019 ~

My trio had a wonderful night at Kenyon Hall in April. That is a very special place with a mixture of informality and a concert setting. People come there for listening. In the same month we performed, there was also a drama group, a juggler, a magician a, a Wurlitzer organ recital and a Django Reinhart style group. It looks like we return again in the summer.

May 12 is Mothers' Day and the opening of the Lake Forest Park farmers' market. I have been playing my rare Dolceola instrument there for many years and I love the setting. I don't list it on my calendar because I only play when the weather is good and I don't have a regular gig conflict. The Dolceola is a piano-zither combination, it makes a lovely sound and I can carry it and set up in a small space between vegetables and flowers.

The Dolceola was manufactured over 100 years ago in Toledo, Ohio, a place I will visit in September to play with John Gill's band at the Grugelfest jazz festival. Toledo is, of course, also famous for the Toledo Mudhens baseball team.

The end of June brings on the return of the jazz festival in Lacey, Washington. I really look forward to this because my Cubs band will have a full seven sets to play. I will also play with the Evergreen Classic Jazz Band and on a Thursday pre-festival concert with the Fat Babies from Chicago. If the schedule allows, I hope to be in the ragtime set as well.

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