~June 2022~

NEWS - The main thing to mention is that nighttime music at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park, CA, where my friend Clint Baker has played for decades (!) is now going to end its day at 4pm. There may be a shift to a Saturday brunch soon, but music is not there now, so my Friday night there in July is cancelled. That place has been a friendly connection for years and though it may keep going with music, the world is dramatically changed there now. My other bay area jobs are still there. I hope some people can come to Bird and Beckett on July 5.

I have been feeling more at home with poetry this month. That is good. I wrote a little poem that referred to the Supreme Court and compared it to some Flash Gordon serial episodes. Things like the Purple Death, the Frozen Torture and the Mist of Death on planet Mongo all seemed like problems I could understand and deal with, more than certain court decisions.

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