~ October 2017 ~

At the end of September I managed to do a film for John Ochs at the Royal Room here in Seattle. He wanted me to discuss Chicago style piano and my own evolution as a piano player. I put my focus on Earl Hines, Joe Sullivan, Jess Stacy and Art Hodes and me too, with attention to selected biography, technical demonstrations, personal connections and song samples. I can't say absolutely what I feel about the result, but somehow I went for an hour and twenty minutes without a pause or edit. Maybe that is a good sign. I will see the results soon.

October 6 Josh Roberts will assemble his great version of the Benny Goodman sextet material at the Aria Ballroom in Redmond. This will feature the magnificent vibes playing of Marina Albero. Marina, Josh on guitar and Jacob Zimmerman on clarinet play some fast harmonies and make it sound comfortable. Jen Hodge is on bass and it should be a great night.

Pismo Beach festival comes on the last weekend of October. I will be there with Bob Schulz. Baseball playoffs begin October 6 and a certain team I know will be part of it.


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