~ June 2019 ~

Dave Holo recently told me that we have been playing together at Salty's in West Seattle for the last six years. I found that hard to believe but on checking my calendars, I found it was true. Hmm. What is the secret of music job continuity? First of all, Salty's is very busy, very successful. It does not depend on music for its survival. We are simply part of an overall successful enterprise. That is a rare happening, but for now, I will take it.

In June the great trumpet player Marc Caparone will be visiting Seattle. He will lead a band for the Puget Sound jazz society and then we will spend a couple days doing duet recordings. I really look forward to some special music.

The Lacey jazz festival is at the end of June. I am excited that my Cubs band will be a full time part of the experience. Because of date and scheduling conflicts, Katie Cavera will not be there, but replaced by the also wonderful Josh Roberts on guitar. We will also have the equally wonderful Matt Weiner on bass. Clint Baker was overbooked so we are happy to have one star replace another.

Here is a poem of mine from a few days ago.

How to Play Jazz
Like birds before first light,
your breath is a wilderness.
Silence is love
and your whole life is full of
beautiful mistakes.

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