~October 2021~

NEWS - I have some new activity in October and November. One interesting development is that the video person who did virtual concerts for Kenyon Hall before our friend and music director Lou Magor died a few months ago, is getting back into the concert program. He has asked me to do a virtual concert there. It will be solo and all my original compositions. We film October 8 and it will be available for viewing a few weeks after that. I am also happy to have a trio night at The Royal Room in November.

Here is a little story. Right after World War Two my family sailed for Norway to see how our relatives were doing after being free of Nazi occupation. We sailed on a ship called the Gripsholm and one thing I remember was a persistent rumor that Greta Garbo was on board. Since she had retired from film and was generally mysterious and reclusive we thought it was just a rumor. But a few days ago I decided to check her name in connection with the ship and sure enough there were many stories and pictures that she sailed to Sweden (where we landed) on the Gripsholm, July 1946. It was all true. I sailed to Sweden with Greta Garbo. All for real.

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