~April 2021~

NEWS - April has arrived. Seattle weather shows a few warm moments, but it is still colder than I wish for this time of year. Baseball begins April 1 and that is good.

My friend Jacob Zimmerman has figured out an ingenious way to play music in the pandemic time. He has a rehearsal space that is next door to a wonderful coffee shop and restaurant. There is a narrow alley space behind both places and the restaurant has put some carefully distanced tables out back. Jacob then opens the back door to his space and plays solo clarinet for diners. He remains inside and the customers actually never see him. Last week I had a mushroom pizza and listened to some beautiful music.

My film "Piano Jazz- Chicago Style" should generally be more available for anyone to see now. Bob Morgan, who did the sound, has made it publicly available through his site. Also, anyone who wants to see my participation in the Mary Lou Williams night at the Royal Room can see it on youtube by going to Loudswell Mary Lou Williams Ray Skjelbred.

March was supposed to be Women's Month. I have been fortunate to have played music with many wonderful women musicians, including Barbara Lashley, Barbara Dane, Jen Hodge, Lori Lyster, Rebecca Kilgore, Victoria Spivey, Katie Cavera, Anita Thomas and more. All wonderful

Piano Jazz- Chicago Style, click here.
Mary Lou Williams night at the Royal Room, click here.

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